Advanced DXA Technologies for Precise Bone Health and Body Composition Analysis

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PRIMUS is a whole body analyzer for the BMD(Bone Mineral Density), body composition, skeletal morphology, and Sarcopenia by scanning the whole body or a specific area of the body with its cutting edge Dual X-ray Absorptiometry(DXA) technology.

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Based on the optimized fan beam DXA technology, PRIMUS is leading a new design trend of medical devices with its combination of sophisticated feature and a cutting-edge touch-type console panel

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A specially devised height of the bed helps the senior patients and those with relatively low height to lie down comfortably, so that they can complete their examination safely.

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Because the multi-channel detectors enable to cover a wide area with higher speed, it can measure the whole body of a patient efficiently.

Along with its widened scan area, PRIMUS shortens the examination time with a higher scan speed resulting to a more convenient examination process.

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Besides the BMD analysis, you can perform the various skeletal morphology analysis by utilizing OsteoSys’s exclusive high-resolution image analysis functions.

TBS(Trabecular Bone Score) on Primus

TBS iNsight™ is a software tool that installs on Primus. This simple, rapid and reproducible method estimates fracture risk based on a determination of bone texture (an index correlated to bone microarchitecture). The result is expressed as a Trabecular Bone Score (TBS). It requires no additional scan time or additional radiation exposure nor extra work for the technician. Once the spine scan is completed on Primus, TBS results are displayed automatically within seconds.

From Osteoporosis to Sarcopenia and Obesity The body composition function can quantitatively measure the bone, fat, and lean mass respectively and calculate the weight of a patient by adding up all the data of these elements. Moreover, it helps the diagnosis of Osteoporosis, Sarcopenia, obesity and Lipodystrophy


EXCELLUS is a half body fan beam Dual X-ray Absorptiometry(DXA) device, which is designed under the new concept of a body composition analyzer capable of measuring the BMD(Bone Mineral Density) and analyzing a half body composition.

Smart Fan Beam DXA PRIMUS details4

A Smart Fan Beam DXA of a compact concept, EXCELLUS is introduced as a new category for DXA market by maximizing the high-end functions and the strong points of our two previous models, Central DXA ‘DEXXUM T’ and Whole Body DXA ‘PRIMUS’

Half Body Analysis with Multi-channel Detector

Based on DXA technology, EXCELLUS scopes the half body (from shoulder to knee) and effectively performs an examination using its Fan beam technology and multi-channel detector.

From the basic measurement of the BMD (Bone Mineral Density) of AP spine, Dual Femur, Forearm, and Lateral spine, EXCELLUS supports the various analysis such as VAT(Visceral fat Adipose Tissue) or orthopedics.

Combination of Beauty and Cutting Edge Technology

We enhanced both the beauty and the convenience by combining modern, contemporary design and cutting edge technology.

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You can install EXCELLUS as a normal table for ultrasound scanner or use it in a chest X-ray room by utilizing its swing arm function.

Compact Design

We are very proud of the compact, sophisticated and refined design of EXCELLUS

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DEXXUM T is a compact and space-saving central Dual X-ray Absorptiometry (DXA) device. Compared to the other bone mineral densitometer, DEXXUM T is an axial table DXA scanner specially designed with an innovative pencil beam DXA technology.

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Considering the limited space of small clinics and hospitals, we made DEXXUM T with its minimum footprint, so that you can install and use DEXXUM T as a normal patient table for the ultrasound scanner.

Folding Table

The tri-fold-type table is an operator-friendly and a patient-oriented solution for the BMD measurement.

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By using DEXXUM T’s single detector with a pencil shape of x-ray beam source, you can diagnose the BMD of AP Spine and femur with a low level of radiation.

Lumbar Spine, Dual Femur and Forearm

The major scan areas for DEXXUM T are AP Spine, Dual Femur and Forearm.

YWith only one simple touch on the console panel of DEXXUM T, you can measure three major areas, AP Spine and Dual Femurs, simultaneously.


Utilizing the AUTO-ROI setting, you can obtain more precise BMD of AP Spine, Femur and Forearm. You can measure an abdomen fat thickness, as well. Besides, you can examine the possibility of bone fracture with FRAX.

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