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Elegant and sleek Medical X-Ray Film Viewers LED & Accessories for X-ray systems: X-ray Bucky, Vertical Bucky Stands & Collimators. Sterling products are designed by highly qualified technocrats & marketing professionals with rich experience of more than 3 decades in the field of Radiology.

Rectangular Steam Sterilizer

X-Ray Film Viewer LED

  • Incorporates latest ‘Side lit’ laser technology for most consistent luminous density
  • No drop in light intensity
  • Critical components from Japan and Germany ensure reliable performance
  • Film insert activated switch
  • Continuous brightness control (Step less)
  • Low power consumption
  • Elegant & Sleek design
  • Lightest in weight

Single Film HLX 1

Steam Sterilizer

Two Films HLX 2

Steam Sterilizer

Three Films HLX 3

Steam Sterilizer

Four Films HLX 4

Steam Sterilizer

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Technical Specifications : HLX Series

Model Viewing Area,
*Luminious Density
appox, Lux
Light Source
& Temp
Power Consumption
Outer Dimensions,
mm L x H x B
Single Film
440 X 360 7000 LED, 6500 K Yes 15 440 x 520 x 25
Two Films
440 X 720 7000 LED, 6500 K Yes 30 820 x 520 x 25
Three Films
440 X 1080 7000 LED, 6500 K Yes 45 1200 x 520 x 25
Four Films
440 X 1440 7000 LED, 6500 K Yes 60 1600 x 520 x 25

Power Input : 220-240 VAC

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Notes :

Luminious density > 10,000 Lux available on request
Product specifications and features are subject to change


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