NeuDR 1717
NeuDR 1717 Imaging System Precision and Performance at Its Best

Rectangular Steam Sterilizer

NeuDR 1717 Imaging System

Discover the NeuDR 1717, an imaging marvel that redefines precision and performance. This cutting-edge imaging system is a game-changer for Medical professionals seeking excellence in radiology.

Key Features:
  • Unmatched Spatial Resolution : The NeuDR 1717 offers 3.6 lp/mm Spatial Resolution for Better Tissue differentiation
  • Intuitive GUI : Navigate effortlessly within Patient Registration & Anatomy Selection, the user-friendly Image Processing Application Software ensuring a seamless imaging experience.
  • Unique Web Viewer
  • Battery Indicator Light: Stay in control with the easy-to-monitor battery level indicator, ensuring uninterrupted usage when you need it most.

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